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Port Lincoln Holistic Physiotherapy

Salt is a Physiotherapy Clinic based within an amazing space at Crossfit Eyre Port Lincoln, South Australia. 

Created to provide a nurturing health service to inspire and motivate people to look at the bigger picture and learn to move their bodies in healthy functional ways

The Clinic provides both manual and active therapies, including dry needling, vestibular rehabilitation, functional assessments, visceral mobilisation, and generalized musculoskeletal treatments.

Kiah, the primary Physiotherapist wants Salt to be an inviting, safe space where you can learn and understand more about your body or injury, as well as how lifestyle factors such as stress and breathing can affect overall wellness.


Let's talk about Salt

Owned by Kiah Hosking.
Kiah was born and raised in Port Lincoln. Spending innumerable hours growing up at the beach, in the salt and the sun, inspiring the name for her business. She left Port Lincoln, moving to Adelaide, where she completed a Bachelors degree of Physiotherapy at UniSA in 2014.

Meet Montanna

Montanna was born and raised in Port Lincoln, where she spent her childhood and teenage years playing sport and enjoying all that the EP has to offer with her friends and family.

Montanna move to Adelaide to complete a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) degree at UniSA in 2021, and has since been working as a Physiotherapist in a private practice, as well as a sports trainer with Port Adelaide’s AFL, AFLW and men’s SANFL football teams.


To promote, improve and restore health


Generalised musculoskeletal conditions - ranging from sedentary job aches and pains, to athlete management. Promote, improve and restore health through physical examination of functional movement, education, integration of treatment (inclusive of dry needling) and rehabilitation.

Strength, conditioning and return to sport.

Overall strength and return to sport rehabilitation. Providing education, advice and exercises for those looking at running a marathon, getting back to the gym, yoga, footy etc, or even increasing daily activity levels to improve general fitness or wellbeing.

Visceral Mobilisation

Visceral mobilisation is a technique created by a French trained Physiotherapist and Osteopath, Jean-Pierre Barral. It is used to assess and restore health and mobility to the tissues that surround and suspend our organs. With light touch, each organ can be assessed for its quality of movement in all fascial planes. Tension and restrictions within these tissues can create pain, tightness and impact or reduce the body’s function. Visceral mobilisation is a series of gentle manipulations that can potentially improve the functioning of individual organs, the systems the organs function within, and the structural integrity of the entire body. Assess, Listen, Treat.

Neuro and Vestibular Rehabilitation

For patients who are suffering vertigo or dizziness, this service provides assessment, education, treatment and reassurance. The assessment and treatment may encompass ​manoeuvres to reduce or resolve symptoms, as well as providing exercises, hands on techniques or advice to continue on with where necessary.

This service is also supplied for patients who have underlying neurological conditions or have suffered from a stroke and wish to improve or regain activities of daily living, through strengthening and repetition.

Women's Health

External assessment and advice/ treatment of pregnancy related conditions. Pre-natal and Ante-natal exercise integration.


The Space

Salt is located within Crossfit Eyre. Our vision is to create a holistic space where you can move and strengthen your body in a functional way. The Physiotherapists have access to the equipment and space to complete your pre-hab and rehabilitation in a controlled environment. Salt is currently not running classes, but will aim to provide Mat Pilates and breath/relaxation classes in the coming months. Crossfit Eyre, however offers an incredible array of classes varying from children to Legends (50+ years of age) as well as sweat, build and CrossFit classes, to suit all varying abilities.


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Initial appointments are approximately 40 minutes with each subsequent visit lasting approximately 25- 30 minutes.

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Salt is located in the amazing facilities at Crossfit Eyre.

28 St Andrews Terrace
Port Lincoln
SA 5606

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